The Only Constant


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The Only Constant


released March 18, 2014

Produced by Jim Wirt
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates
Engineered and edited by Justin Armstrong
Violin, Cello, and Viola Arrangements by Philip Peterson
Album Artwork, Photography, and Design by Daniel Wagner with Ddub Designs.
Band Photo by TimHarmon
Recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, WA



all rights reserved


MONETA Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Jackal and the Lion
I understand what is happening in your head
It must be torture looking in the mirror
All that you've said and all the deeds that you won't regret
Thousands of words, but none believable

I'll make you a ghost in a matter of seconds
You're the biggest fraud I know

You're barely human
Just a user
Do you feel a thrill with every trust and bond that you kill?
You can talk all you want
Make empty threats and taunts
But you know in your heart that
You're a jackal, I'm a lion

So now how does regret taste?
Do your mistakes ache?
Sleep in the bed that you bed that you made
The right move, the right time to drop you like a rusted penny
Drop you like the washed up useless coward you are
Pretentious liar you are

If you think you can do this
It's time to prove it
Your words mean nothing
If you're too scared to show me
You think you can take me on
You're wrong
Track Name: Life In Rewind
Every day I feel this weight
And it rests upon my shoulders
Like I've sealed my fate
And I'm only getting older
And it's clear that no one here knows me
I can't help but feel lonely
I try to wake up but this nightmare won't end
(It won't end)

It's like I'm watching my life in rewind
I know that someday this all will be worth it
It's like I'm watching my life in rewind
I know that someday this all will be perfect

I wonder if I've lost my place
Or if the world is getting colder
And I lose faith each day
Because our time is getting shorter
I just want someone to hold me
Someone to tell me they love me
I try to reach out but no one takes my hand
(Over and over again)

But in the end, we can't take back our mistakes
But in the end, we can't keep promises made
But in the end, we can't take back our mistakes
But in the end, I know that someday this all will be perfect
Track Name: Best Shot (It's Love)
I really wish we were leaving
To be gone, and be free, and feel weightless at last
I'm tired of all the shouting
You scream but you just can't remember your name
Do you know where you came from?
You look like Cali
but you walk and you talk like New York
Do you know what you're saying?
Let me translate...

It's love
Can you feel it?
I can feel it
And you know that this is real
I can feel it
Can you feel it?
C'mon, c'mon
It's love and you know that it's real
I can feel it
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon
Let's take our best shot

Now that I'm here it's worthless
Don't want me, don't need me
I'm gone out the door
I'm wondering why I bothered
Oh, I always knew we'd end up just like before
Do you know where we're headed?
It looks like Cali
but it tastes like a winter in Detroit
There's only one thing that matters
Let me translate...

It's all in the love we make
(Makes it all perfect, makes it all worth it)
In every breath we take
We'll make it all okay
Track Name: Your Own Way
You can go your own way
But come back to me
Track Name: All My Fault
No you can't have this back
We're way past done here
You chose a different path
Did you ever mean a thing you said?
I try to just move on, I try to just forget
But I see your face again

Should I follow you down?
Can I pull you back out?

It's all my fault, I couldn't stop forgiving
Giving all I had, with no regard for anything
But I fell down
And still I sit here waiting for your hands to find mine
You define my life

You change your mind again, and pull me to you
My heart inside your hands
I wish we could have had another chance
I wish we could have gone and done this different
Can I have one last dance?

You can go your own way
But come back to me
Track Name: Rewrite the World
The world could fall around us and you’d just stand and watch
You’re walking through each day like you don’t even need a clue
I know that you feel helpless, I know that life’s not fair
And I know that you can rise above it
I know that you still care

Rewrite the words you sing
This time you’ll make it oh so beautiful
Rewrite the world you’re in
This time you’ll make it oh so beautiful

I am the last one standing, you are the first one leaving
You’re walking through these days like you don’t even want a clue
You throw away your reason and tear apart your home
No matter where you choose to be, you’ll never be alone

I’m begging you so please just stay with me
Until you see, stay with me, until you see
You know you’re more than welcome
Your friends have come to beckon
We’re right here waiting, until you see
Track Name: The Hardest Thing
Tell me about your problems, cuz you've definitely got some
I can see the demons in your head
And now you tell me that you need me, and you say you'll never leave me
But when it comes to the past, the hardest thing about it's letting go

Do you want me to stay, and never leave you?

Is this the way that you want it?
Is this the way it'll be?
You're all that I ever wanted
Your home is right here with me

And I know I've got plenty of problems of my own
So now I'll tell you about my options, cuz I definitely got some
When it comes to your love, the hardest thing about it's...

You want me to say I'll never leave you
And never let you take the blame
I don't know

(So hold on)
Do you want me to stay?
(Hold on)
And never leave you?

The hardest thing about it's letting go
Track Name: Something to Fight For
We lie in disguise, refusing compromise
But tell me now old man, what do you live for?
We toss aside our mistakes, we ignore every ache
But in the end what will you say you died for?

From broken hearts and apathy
Our silence brings a change in me

This is a battle that we've fought before
And so a son and father fight once more
Build all our walls until they're caving in around
I know we've got something to fight for

Oh you can see that it's a long way down
From here on top of all these secrets
We've got to deal with it and just climb out
And then I know that we will make it

Despite our faults and arrogance
We both deserve another chance

Let's take the past and rewrite the words
Instead of hiding it under the earth
Rebuild foundations that have been undone
I'd have a father and you'd have a son
Track Name: Save Me from Myself
It's time to be who I'm supposed to
To love the way I used to
To open up my chest and breathe you into me
It's time to be the one you've waited for
Finally I can't ignore
I see that I have found the one I know I need

Let's be honest, we still have time
We'll get beyond this if we just try

You gave me everything I could be
But I threw it away and now only you can save me from myself
You gave me everything I could be
But I threw it away and now only you can save me from myself

Inside my hardened heart is failing
I'm begging you to take me
I promise you I'll never stray away again
This time I'll show you that it's better
I'll show you it's forever
I'll show you I'm the one on who you can depend

(One day you will say that you won't, say that you will, say that you won't)
Track Name: Breathe In
I remember what it was to breathe you into me
The days asleep, the nights a blur, we lived without reprieve
I needed your scent on my skin, your body next to mine
Just to feel alive

The air that I breathe...

And so I breathe in
You were the one I lived for
Breathe in
You built me back up just to tear me apart
Breathe in
You are the one I died for
Breathe in
I've opened my eyes, now I see who you are

I'm trying not to judge you, convict you of your crime
But take it in and think about what happened to the time
The game you played was wasted
Cuz neither of us won
Now look at what you've done
I still believe in the things I can't see…

No I can’t believe in all the things you told me
I awake from a dream, you should be here to hold me
Your lies and deceit are now what keep me going
Oh I still believe in all the things that I can’t see
Track Name: The Devil Inside
Tick tick tick tick the time goes
It won't forgive us
So we all go through the motions of a perfect story
You know we all have ghosts that show what we want most
I'll give you everything
It's time to get crazy and crazy means that anything goes.

Are you feeling alone here?
Are you ready for the darkness when you let me inside?
You will never be alone here
Trust me, but never trust the devil inside

Let let let let it all go
I want what you won't give anybody else
Girl, I know it's time
Make me, take me, push me in and pull me
Shake you, break you, hold you down and show you
I want you to give me control

Take me as I am, I won't wait forever
You say you don't want me but never say never
We all have angels and we all have demons
Why don't we let them all out?
Track Name: We All Live to Die
Now I can finally see, once I let the scales fall from my eyes
I need you here with me, since you've been gone I've come to realize
Oh, please just give me one more chance to have you in my arms again

We all live to die, and it's a bitter end
It's you that makes it worth it, you give my life purpose
I'm all I want to be when you're next to me
It's you that makes it worth it, you make my life perfect

We've got the memories to prove that this is worth another try
Your love has set me free, you've got the power to make me feel alive
Oh, please just give it one more chance, let me in your heart again